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Portable Buildings

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Portable Building

Portable Buildings

The demand for portable buildings has been on the rise in recent years. These versatile and convenient structures have become an innovative and popular choice for various applications — from temporary housing to office spaces, storage, and more. So, why are portable buildings the smart choice for anyone looking for a flexible and affordable solution?

Here’s why.

The exterior of one of our grey transportable granny flats

Energy efficiency & sustainability

Portable buildings are highly energy-efficient and sustainable. They can be designed to include features like insulation and energy-efficient lighting systems to reduce energy consumption and lower your electricity costs.

Since they are constructed off-site, they generate less waste and call for fewer resources than traditional building methods. And at Roomi, we use sustainable materials and practices, making your portable building an eco-friendly option.

outside light on one of our portable buildings
interior view of one of our portable buildings

Cost-effective solution for your space needs

Portable buildings are a cost-effective solution for those looking to expand their space without breaking the bank. Unlike traditional building methods, portable buildings can be constructed off-site and delivered to your location, saving you money on labour costs and materials.

Since portable buildings are considered temporary structures, they may not require building permits or zoning approvals, offering you even more cost savings. Note: you should always check with the relevant authorities.

Portable buildings can be customised to fit your specific needs, which means you only pay for what you need. Whether you need a small storage shed or a large office space, portable buildings can be designed to maximise your space and make the most of your budget.

Versatility, portability, durability

Versatility in design and customisation options

Portable buildings are highly versatile and can be designed to fit a variety of needs. They can be used as storage sheds, offices, classrooms, workshops, and even living spaces.

They offer a wide range of customisation options, including flooring, walls, doors, windows, and lighting. You can have your portable building designed to match the existing aesthetic of your property or to stand out as a unique and functional addition.

Portability and mobility

One of the most significant advantages of portable buildings is their portability and mobility. They can be easily moved from one location to another, making them an excellent choice for those who need flexible and temporary solutions.

They can be disassembled and reassembled, so you can take your structure with you wherever you go. This makes them an ideal choice for those who move frequently.

Durability and longevity

Portable buildings are designed to be durable and long-lasting. Constructed using high-quality materials, these are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and wear and tear.

Portable buildings are often used for temporary purposes — so they’re designed to be transported easily. It means they have to be sturdy enough to withstand frequent assembly and disassembly.

Potted plants outside some of our portable buildings

Quick & easy installation process

Another great benefit of portable buildings is their quick and easy installation process. Traditional building methods can take months, if not years, to complete.

With portable buildings, these can be installed in a matter of hours, depending on the size and complexity of the structure.

Plus, portable buildings are easy to install and require minimal equipment and labour. So, they can be set up on various surfaces, including concrete, gravel, and dirt, eliminating the need for costly foundation work.

Safety, low maintenance & flexibility

Portable Buildings QLD - Flexible Mobile Building Solutions

Safety & security features

Portable buildings are designed with safety and security in mind.

They can be equipped with features such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, and security systems to ensure the safety of you, your family, or your team.

They can be designed to meet local building codes and regulations, ensuring they are safe and compliant with local laws.

inside the kitchen in a mobile granny flat

Low maintenance requirements

Portable buildings require minimal maintenance, making them an ideal choice for those looking for a low-maintenance solution.

Constructed using high-quality materials that require little upkeep, portable buildings generally don’t require painting or sealing like traditional buildings.

You can even design your portable building to include features like low-maintenance flooring and siding, reducing your maintenance requirements even more.

Inside one of our unfurnished portable buildings

Flexibility for future needs

Portable buildings offer flexibility for future needs. They can be easily modified or expanded to fit changing needs, whether for additional storage space or a larger office.

Since portable buildings are easily disassembled and moved, they can be repurposed for different uses or sold to someone else needing a structure.

This flexibility makes them a smart investment for those looking for a long-term solution.

The Original

As the name suggests, “The Original” was our first blueprint brought to life, designed to maximise space by positioning the bathroom and kitchen at one end. This layout unveils a spacious area dedicated to relaxation and sleeping. “The Original” has set the benchmark for innovation and comfort, influencing all our subsequent Roomi models. Its thoughtful use of space and layout ensures each model maintains our high standard for a seamless living experience.

Inside a fully furnished portable home
Inside one of our modern granny flats

The Pearl

Introducing “The Pearl”, a Roomi model inspired and named after a cherished customer whose Chinese heritage and Feng Shui principles shaped its design. Feng Shui principles suggest that toilets be discreetly placed and not facing directly towards the bathroom door. “The Pearl” features a barn door solution and layout that honours these cultural insights, while creating a functional space for a fridge and other kitchen essentials. This model embraces diverse perspectives and customer input, ensuring both harmony and practicality in our living spaces.

The Keeling

Meet “The Keeling”, named after one of our talented sales staff from England. This model is distinguished by its expansive L-shaped kitchen, offering cooking space that doesn’t compromise the open living area that our customers love. Like “The Original”, this design positions the bathroom and kitchen at one end, ensuring your sleeping and living area remains spacious and uncluttered.

Inside a fully furnished portable home
Inside a fully furnished portable home

The End-to-End

Introducing “The End to End”, our final model that offers a distinctive layout, contrasting with “The Original” by placing the kitchen and bathroom at opposite ends. This design establishes two distinct zones, dedicating one section for a bed and ensuite, and the other for the kitchen and dining area. While the kitchen is slightly smaller, it caters perfectly to those who cook minimally or are often on the go, all while including the essentials without wasting space. “The End to End” is the perfect choice for those seeking balanced living areas in their compact home.

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