About Roomi

Meet Roomi and the team behind the innovation

The Roomi vision is to make portable home designs simple

Roomi was created to make buying a move-in-ready home simple. Granny flats have long come with red tape, complicated planning and construction, and high fees. With Roomi, you can get a home delivered to your property for a fraction of the price and with none of the stress. 

Roomi takes the complexity out of it all.

The easy, affordable way to buy property, expand your space or add to your business

Whether the goal is creating a granny flat, buying a tiny home, or adding an office to your home or business’ property - Roomi is the answer. It’s easy, it’s affordable, and it’s a neat, stylish way to create the space you’re after.

It’s really just about making it simple

Simplicity is at the heart of Roomi. From how we design and build these to the makeup of our pricing, and through to the delivery and installation. Roomi is centred in ease. Ordering, transporting, and installing your Roomi is simple.

The values Roomi was created with

These values guide every Roomi we design, build, and customise for you.


In all aspects, from design to logistics.


An accessible price for the quality presented.


To create the perfect space for your needs.


Innovation and modern design principles.

A team that’s dedicated to quality

These are just some of the faces you might see if you stop by our Brisbane showroom. The entire team at Roomi is dedicated to producing quality in every Roomi we design, build, and send out on the way to you.

Visit our Salisbury showroom

Based in Brisbane’s south, you’re welcome to come along and visit our Salisbury showroom and take a look at the Roomis available to you.

Make yourself at home with Roomi.

Get your Roomi in a size and layout that suits you perfectly. It’s easy. Get started by talking with our team.